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Does painting house add value

A beautiful exterior paint job is a show stopper and gives a homeowner major first impression points.

repaint house exterior
Fresh coat of paint, Naples home

A 2015 study estimated the ROI on an exterior paint job to be 51% while Consumer Reports says that enhancing your home’s exterior, including paint touch-ups, can boost home value by 2-5%. But painting the whole house is no small job to take on. It takes experienced painters 5 whole days to paint an entire house exterior (so likely at least double that if you’re an amateur), and costs an average $2,802 to get done. The key then is deciding whether your house needs a full paint makeover or if you could accomplish what you need to with smaller projects. However, an exterior paint job involves more than just calculating how many gallons you’ll need and buying brushes or a sprayer. Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) recommends cleaning any dirt or debris on the exterior with a pressure washing to help the paint adhere better. You’ll also need to get rid of any previous coats of cracking or peeling paint, and caulk any trim or other cracked panels to ensure the paint goes on smoothly.

You might not have the equipment or materials to paint a whole house yourself—and buyers can tell the difference.

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